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Emotional Senser says she didn’t think she hit a person

An emotional Amy Senser took the stand Monday and told jurors that she didn’t realize she had hit a person, instead saying she thought she’d hit a pothole, the Associated Press reports.

Senser added that she’d only had part of a glass of wine that evening.

Under questioning from prosecutor Deborah Russell, Senser said she was not trying to hide evidence when she deleted dozens of text messages from her phone or when she donated the clothes she wore that night to Goodwill.

The trial began Monday with a driving safety expert testifying that Senser may have seen the flashing lights of th stalled car, but would’ve had trouble reacting given the lack of street lighting and the clutter of construction signs.

As the trial entered its second week, the Pioneer Press astutely pointed out that the trial has included very little exploration of the victim, Anousone Phanthavong.

The Star Tribune spoke with legal observers who believe the case is Senser’s to lose.

The first week of the trial was filled with dramatic testimony from Joe Senserhis daughters, and a state patrol reconstructionist.

The week ended when Joe Senser confronted media photographers in the lobby of the Hennepin County Government Center, though, he later told Kare11 in an email that he did it to protect his daughter from media scrutiny.

Senser, 45,  is charged in connection with the hit-and-run that killed Phanthavong last August. She faces three counts of criminal vehicular homicide. Her husband Joe is a former Minnesota Viking and a successful local business owner.



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