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Teen suicide leads to harassment investigation

Rachel Ehmke‘s parents believe bullying pushed the 7th grader to take her own life this past weekend. The Rochester Post Bulletin reports Dodge County investigators are looking into whether those claims had a role in the death of the 13-year-old Kasson-Mantorville Middle School student.

Rachel’s dad told Fox 9 hurtful words killed his daughter. “They called her all these names. They vandalized her locker — smeared it full of gum, chewed gum.”

The Austin Daily Herald reports her older sister Brittany spoke at a Community Against Bullying meeting Tuesday night. “I wish I would have known what my little sister was going through.”

Rachel’s mom told ABC 6 News bullying needs to end. “We want this to stop and we don’t want the kids- even the kids that were bullying- don’t bully them. This has to stop now.”

Rachel’s family and friends are planning a walk against bullying later this month. Visit their Facebook page to learn more about the “Walk for Rachel.”

Rachel will be laid to rest Friday. KTTC has the service details.



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