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Minnesota reacts: High court upholds ‘Obamacare’

The U.S. Supreme Court has revealed its highly anticipated verdict on President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, and the court generally upheld the law. Minnesota Democrats are claiming a victory for the party, Forum Communications reports.

DFL members are pleased and Republicans disappointed, MPR reports. The Star Tribune had more reaction from Minnesota politicians.

CityPages gathered up their favorite 10 Minnesota tweets about the ruling.

The state GOP says it’s now time to focus on repealing “Obamacare.”

One Minnesota “high risk” patient said she found new hope in the ruling, the Pioneer Press reports.

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he won’t implement the federal law, despite the ruling.

Minnesota medical device makers are ready for reform, MPR reports.

CNN has extensive coverage on the historic decision to uphold the law’s central provision requiring all Americans have health insurance by 2014.

Minnesota has embraced the health care overhaul. Gov. Mark Dayton told The Associated Press he had hoped and prayed the court “has the wisdom” to continue federal coverage for more than 80,000 vulnerable adults he switched to the Medicaid program as soon as he took office last year.

The Huffington Post takes a look at where each of the 50 states stands and what happens.

On Monday, Rep. Michele Bachmann called the Affordable Care Act the most unpopular law in recent history and explained why she hoped the Supreme Court would strike down the law this week.




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