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Video: Vikings punter Chris Kluwe speaks up for same-sex marriages

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has cut a series of 30-second radio ads for Minnesotans For Equality, supporters of same-sex marriage. Here’s a sample:

In an extensive interview with, Kluwe explains his support for same-sex marriages because it’s “always been about justice and doing what’s right.” He also says he wouldn’t be shocked to see an openly gay player in the NFL in the near future… and if it were a Viking, Minnesota fans would be “OK with it.”

Kluwe also told that he didn’t know if any of his friends are gay. In his words: “Honestly, I’ve never really asked anyone. I’m more interested in if you’re going to play video games with me! Honestly, I don’t care. People don’t ask me what goes on in my bedroom and I try and give them the same privilege.”







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