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After the flood, life goes on in Duluth; zoo plans to open next week

The deer yard walk will be closed, and the barnyard is depleted. The polar bear and seals are in St. Paul. But 23 days after unprecedented rain and flooding heavily damaged Duluth’s Lake Superior Zoo, the zoo will re-open to the public on Friday, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

Look around the Duluth area and it’s clear that residents are making their way back to normal.

Residents have been helped by hundreds of volunteers from across the Midwest, MPR reports. Many have years of experience working in disaster areas. They fill a critical void between when emergency workers leave and hard-hit areas receive state or federal aid.

The 21st Half Voyageur Trail Marathon on July 14 will be held as scheduled, and the 31st Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultramarathon 50-Miler on July 28 also may be run, the News Tribune says. The path of each race will be rerouted because parts of the course were eliminated by the closing of Jay Cooke State Park.

Most of the area’s biking and hiking trails are open again, the newspaper reports.

For those still struggling, Minnesota officials are opening disaster recovery centers in the northern part of the state, the Associated Press reports.

A foundation has stepped in to offer more immediate help to nonprofits struggling in the wake of the flood, the News Tribune says.



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