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One juror deeply believed Amy Senser

As jury deliberations got under way in the case of Amy Senser, a handful of jurors believed her story that she didn’t know she’d hit Anousone Phanthavong of Roseville on a dark Minneapolis freeway ramp, and that’s why she didn’t stop after the crash last August, the Pioneer Press reports in a behind-the-scenes look inside the jury room.

But as deliberations continued more than 18 hours over three days, all but one changed their minds and believed she knew she’d hit something, the Pioneer Press says. The newspaper also explains how the jurors came to take the unusual move of sending the judge a note that said they thought Senser believed she hit a car and not Phanthavong. Not all jurors supported that action, the Pioneer Press says.

Senser was sentenced Monday to 41 months in prison. On Tuesday her 28-year-old stepdaughter Brittani Senser in an interview with ABC said she was saddened by the verdict. But Brittani Senser, who testified against her stepmother, seemed to suggest that the sentencing was fair given the crime. The Star Tribune has more.

Here’s the interview with “Good Morning America:”

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