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Mystery probed: Who has the ‘Dylan goes electric’ guitar?

The New Jersey daughter of a pilot who flew Bob Dylan to appearances in the 1960s says she has the “Dylan goes electric” guitar, one of the most famous instruments in rock ‘n’ roll, which she says has spent much of the past 47 years in a family attic, the Associated Press says.

But a lawyer for the Minnesota musician claims the singer still has the Fender Stratocaster that he used during one of the most memorable performances of his career.

The PBS show “History Detectives” delves into the mystery on the premiere of its 10th season on July 17.

On July 25, 1965, Bob Dylan stepped onstage at the Newport Folk Festival, plugged in an electric guitar and changed the course of pop music history, the Los Angeles Times recalls. The crowd reportedly hated it, and folk icon Pete Seeger tried to stop the show. After three songs, Dylan agreed to play an acoustic set. But the provocative move is considered the moment when electric rock music eclipsed folk as the sound of the ’60s generation, the newspaper says.

In this clip of the performance, Dylan does “Like a Rolling Stone:”

And here’s a preview for a documentary about the moment that changed rock ‘n’ roll:



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