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Walker Art Center hosts Internet cat video festival

The Walker Art Center is planning to take a longtime YouTube phenomenon off your laptop and put it on the big screen with an Internet cat video film festival next month. The Walker is seeking your nominations until July 30.

Hmm. So many to choose from. Keyboard cat? Cats baffled by treadmill? Funny cats in water?

The Walker’s Katie Hill is responsible for launching the show, MPR says. “Basically, I just like them. And sort of jokingly self-identify myself as a cat lady. And spend a little too much time on the Internet,” said Hill, who has two cats. “Somehow this translated into an awesome program opportunity at Open Field at the Walker.”

The Aug. 30 festival is only slated to last an hour. But most cat videos on YouTube are less than a minute, so the festival should allow for plenty of feline fun, the Los Angeles Times notes.

Technology media geeks from Wired to Gawker and the BBC are purring over what is believed to be the first feline film fest.

How’d all this start? Time magazine has a brief history of cat videos on YouTube.

ABC has compiled this top 10 list.

A few classics:



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