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Minnesota in top 5 for quality of life

CNBC, as part of its examination of which states are the best places to do business, examines the top 10 states for quality of life. CNBC used several factors to determine quality-of-life rankings. Minnesota is lauded for having both a cosmopolitan area along with the natural beauty of the North Woods. Plus it has clean air, healthy people and a relatively low crime rate, CNBC says.

Overall, Minnesota was No. 11 as a state to do business.

It can be tough to keep up with all the top rankings that include Minnesota and the Twin Cities. A few recent ones:

The state was No. 23 for economic growth, according to a recent report.

Among metros, the Twin Cities recently landed at No. 85 for job growth.

Minnesota was the sixth-healthiest state (but binge drinking is a problem).

Here’s a quirky 2007 video from the History Channel about Minnesota, with some good trivia about the state (although the narrator mispronounces Edina):



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