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Peterson claims he’s ‘200 percent’ innocent, case reset for Aug. 6

Star Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was in a Houston courtroom on Friday morning in an initial appearance following a resisting arrest charge, the Houston Chronicle reports. But the case was reset for Aug. 6.

Peterson and attorney Rusty Hardin arrived early for the court appearance, then left before Judge Natalie Fleming even arrived, the Associated Press reports. Both sides, meeting before the hearing, agreed to the delay. Outside the courtroom, Peterson said he is “200 percent innocent” and that he didn’t “push, shove, touch anyone that night, especially an officer,” the Associated Press says.

There were some oddball tweets from the courtroom.

Peterson is accused of not cooperating with police at closing time at a Houston nightclub last weekend.

Earlier in the week, Peterson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin released a statement with Peterson’s side of the story, the NFL reports. Evidence will show that Peterson was the victim, not the aggressor, Hardin says.

TMZ says this shaky, 30-second video shows police being aggressive in leading Peterson out of the nightclub, although the video doesn’t show much very clearly amid the chaos in the club.

There hasn’t been anything from Peterson on Twitter since July 8, the day after the incident.



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