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Needle sandwiches from Delta flights flown back to Netherlands for tests

The investigation into how needles got into sandwiches on a transatlantic Delta flight over the weekend is focusing on a food preparation facility near the Amsterdam airport, the Star Tribune reports. One of the nation’s leading airline security experts speculated that the incident was most likely the work of disgruntled workers or disturbed pranksters, not terrorists, the newspaper reports.

The sandwiches were being flown back to the Netherlands, the AP reports.

Officials are still trying to determine how food safety and security procedures failed to prevent tampered-with sandwiches from being served on the flights, but said it doesn’t appear to be a national security issue, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

John Tonjes of Plymouth was the passenger whose mouth was injured by a needle in a turkey sandwich on the Minneapolis-bound flight from Amsterdam. He is taking anti-HIV drugs as a precaution, and he is worrying about potential health risks.

“Right now, they say I am OK,” he told ABC. “They said if I started developing symptoms like nausea and headaches, go to the emergency room right away. It’s just a wait-and-see game now.” ABC has this interview.

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CNN also has an interview:



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