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Attorney: Senser gets warm prison welcome

Amy Senser’s attorney Eric Nelson told KSTP that Amy Senser has received a warm welcome at the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Shakopee where she is now an inmate. The first time Senser was able to go outside in the prison yard, “she was basically swarmed by all of the other inmates who wanted to meet her and get to know her and offer her advice for her prison life,” Nelson said.

Senser turned 46 on Friday, her first birthday while behind bars.

Senser was given a 41-month prison sentence for killing Anousone Phanthavong with her SUV on a darkened interstate off-ramp in Minneapolis last year. With good behavior, the Minnesota Department of Corrections says Senser could be released from custody as soon as October 2014.

Watch KSTP’s full interview with Senser’s attorney below:

Senser’s Stepdaughter Brittani Senser, an aspiring pop singer who testified against her stepmother, has written a song inspired by the family turmoil. WCCO noted last month that she released a single called “Straight Jacket.” The defense team in the case had questioned Brittani Senser’s motives and suggested she was testifying against her stepmother to advance her career.

Brittani gave here side of the story on Good Morning America:

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