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Would Pawlenty actually help Romney win Minnesota?

If Mitt Romney is looking for a vice-presidential nominee that might also bring along votes from their home state, Tim Pawlenty might be a poor choice. So says the New York Times, which does a deep analysis on what it would actually take for Minnesota to go red in a presidential election for the first time since 1972. The key — according to Times writer Michah Cohen — is Blue Earth County.

The Times blog points out that Blue Earth County, where Mankato is the most prominent city, has consistently voted in line with all of Minnesota in the last three presidential elections. The article puts Rommey’s possibility of winning Minnesota with Pawlenty in-tow at 7 percent, and cites a dip in support for Democratic candidates on the Iron Range as a potential window of opportunity for Romney.

It has been a busy news week for Pawlenty as his name his been thrown around as a contender for the Republican Vice-presidential nod.

Last weekend, a Super Pac released 493 pages of research on Pawlenty’s background on a web site called “Veepmistakes.”  On Monday Reuters reported that he was on Romney’s short list of three choices.

Pawlenty was also a guest at huge Republican fundraiser for Mitt Romney on the shores of Lake Minnetonka on Thursday, but did not speak to the media. Kare11 reports in the video below:



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