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Feds raid Duluth head shop in national drug sweep

Bewildered customers at The Last Place on Earth counterculture shop in Duluth were stunned to see officers with guns drawn raid the place during the noon hour Wednesday, the Duluth News Tribune reports. On Aug. 1, new state regulations will increase the penalty for selling certain compounds designed to mimic the effects of controlled substances, and a salesperson could be prosecuted as a felon and be sentenced to five years of imprisonment, the newspaper says.

Michele Leonhart, an administrator with the Drug Enforcement Agency, scheduled a news briefing for Thursday to announce “Operation Log Jam,” a “takedown” of synthetic-drug dealers in 100 cities across the country, the Star Tribune reports. Duluth’s raid apparently was the only one in Minnesota.

The owner of the shop says he plans to continue to sell synthetics even after the raid in which officers took his money, guns, books, car, and synthetic drugs, Northland’s Newscenter reports.



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