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Gloves come off in first district debate

Both Mike Parry and Alan Quist both want to be the Republican to face Democrat Tim Walz in the first district congressional race this November. In their debate Friday evening on TPT’s Almanac, the two candidates went directly at each other.

The New Ulm Journals gets specific with some of the sharp rhetoric:

Parry rattled off a number of controversial statements Quist made in the 1980s, which his campaign has been pressing this week. The claims included Quist stating he thought men were “genetically predisposed” to run households, his comparing of a MSU gay counseling center to the KKK and his “undercover” investigation of a Mankato adult book store over rampant sodomy claims …  Quist responded by saying that Parry had claimed his controversial Tweets two years ago were not relevant to the campaign. In his prior tweets, Parry had linked Democrats to pedophiles for passing the Matthew Shepard Act. He also called Pres. Barack Obama a “Power Hungry Arrogant Black Man

MPR points out that Quist has a significant financial advantage over Parry but that’s largely due to his use of his personal wealth. The $243,160 Quist has raised includes $195,000 he lent his campaign.

Listen to MPR’s report on the debate:

Watch the entire debate below, courtesy of TPT:



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