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Brodkorb launches new blog

Former Minnesota Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb — who is currently in the middle of a messy gender discrimination suit with the state — has launched a new blog called Politics.MN.

Prior to his job with the senate, Brodkorb gained popularity among Minnesota politicos as the author of the fiery blog, “Minnesota Democrats Exposed.”

Though, Brodkorb says, don’t expect to his new venture to be anything like his blogs of the past.

“ wil be nothing like my former blog,” Brodkorb wrote in his initial post.

“Make no mistake about it – I’m still a proud partisan Republican. But will be much different.  Some of the most enjoyable professional experiences I have had in the last few years have been opportunities to work alongside Democrats and people with differing political ideologies.  If you’re looking for an updated version of my former blog, you won’t find it [here].”

The state recently filed a motion to move Brodkorb’s gender discrimination lawsuit to federal court.



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