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‘Brad the Beer Guy’ attributes chance Obama meeting to ‘Beer Karma’

WCCO connected with Bloomington-native Brad Magerkurt, who was traveling to Iowa this week and bumped into the President Obama’s entourage at a diner. Magerkurt shook the president’s hand and said, “I am Brad the Beer Guy”

Upon hearing this, the president summoned a staff member to get an unmarked beer bottle for Magerkurt. The commander-in-chief said that it was a special “honey” beer that he and the first lady brew themselves, the beer guy recounted for WCCO.

Magerkurt said the meeting was not planned, but simply good “Beer Karma.”

Though, the interaction may not have been quite as serendipitous as Magerkurt appeared to think it was. Beer appears to be campaign tactic used by the Obama campaign to distinguish the former Illinois Senator from Gov. Mitt Romney, who doesn’t drink.

The Washington Post reported that Obama bought rounds of beer at the Iowa State Fair and brought it up in several speeches. The crowds appeared to drink up the message as well, at one point, they were heard chanting “Four More Beers!”

The Wall Street Journal goes more in-depth in analyzing the “beer strategy” by suggesting that Obama wants to win on the age-old political question, “which candidate would you rather have a beer with?”

So, back to Brad. His interview with Ch. 4’s Aristea Brady is barrels of fun. Check it out below:




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