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Farmers make out OK despite worsening drought conditions

New data from the U.S. Drought Monitor Thursday show more than half of Minnesota is now rated at least abnormally dry. Fifty-two percent of the state is considered “abnormally dry,” mostly areas in the southeast, central and northwest part of the state. This is up five percent from last week. Thirty-six percent of the state is considered to be in “moderate” drought, while nearly 18 percent of the state, mostly in the southwest and the northwest, are considered to be in “severe” drought.

Minnesota is still in better shape than several other Midwest states that are in a severe to exceptional drought., the Associated Press says.

In its weekly crop weather report for Minnesota, the U.S. Department of Agriculture notes the condition of the state’s corn crop is still rated 77 percent fair to good. Soybeans were rated 81 percent in fair to good condition.

Last week, federal weather forecasters said the nation’s drought is likely to continue at least through November, MPR reports.



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