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Woman in road-rage case 5 years after husband in road-rage shooting

A woman whose husband shot an undercover police officer in the leg following an angry exchange in an apparent case of road rage five years ago is now herself on trial in Anoka County on road rage-related charges, the Star Tribune reports. Rebecca Treptow denies she pointed a handgun out the window of her car at another driver.

Her husband, Martin Treptow, shot an undercover Robbinsdale police officer during a road-rage confrontation in June 2007. He pleaded guilty to one of the three felonies originally leveled against him, according to a prosecutor who handled the case, the Star Tribune reported.

The trial falls not long after the Minnesota Department of Transportation launched a campaign to reduce road rage incidents. Last year, aggressive driving contributed to 61 deaths and nearly 7,000 injuries in Minnesota, officials say.

Here’s the promo spot for that campaign:



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