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Romney in Minnesota: Big business is fine, helped by tax havens

Creating a potential headache for his campaign, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney at a fundraising stop in Minnetonka Beach said big businesses in the U.S. were “doing fine in many places” in part because they get advantages from offshore tax havens, the Associated Press reported.

His comments echoed similar assertions about the state of big business by President Barack Obama which Romney has criticized, the AP reported. The comments are a reminder that the GOP presidential candidate has kept some of his personal fortune in low tax foreign accounts.

In other comments, Romney told hundreds of supporters in the ballroom of the Lafayette Club in Minnetonka Beach, “This is a campaign about the soul of America,” the Star Tribune reported.

Romney raised an estimated $875,000 at his two Minnesota events, including a dinner, held at the Shorewood home of Cambria CEO Marty Davis, for couples who contributed $50,000, MPR reported.



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