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Pawlenty gets his moment in spotlight at RNC

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty used his speech at the Republican National Convention to characterize the Obama administration, enumerating what the GOP considers the shortcomings and flaws of the Democratic president.

Of the various similes and analogies Pawlenty employed, his portrayal of Barack Obama as a big tattoo was a memorable zinger. The Wall Street Journal said Pawlenty’s “Obama’s first job” bit played better.

Pawlenty played the role of attack dog, delivering blistering barbs, the Star Tribune reported. “He really brought down the hammer,” one Minnesota delegate said. Here are the sharpest jabs he delivered.

But being funny is not easy. The Washington Post’s The Fix wasn’t amused by Pawlenty. Pawlenty’s remarks had the New York Times musing about how poorly politicians generally fare when they wade into comedic waters.

Read a transcript of Pawlenty’s speech.

Or watch the video:

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Earlier in the day, Minnesota’s delegation continued to get attention, as Mitt Romney supporters urged the backers of Ron Paul not to sit out the presidential campaign. Former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman told the group “We can’t win without you.”



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