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Mysterious truck driver releases pigeons

A surveillance camera has captured an unknown truck driver releasing thousands of live pigeons at the Tru Shine Truck Wash in Worthington, according to its employees, the Worthington Daily Globe reports (with video). Employees said the man said he was from St. Paul, but they didn’t get a name or license number, the newspaper says.

A St. Paul official said the city is not responsible. It uses a Ovocontrol, a type of pigeon birth control program to control the bird population.

The drops are also mysterious given that relocating pigeons doesn’t work – they are homing birds and always promptly return home despite great distances, one expert told the Daily Globe.

Homeowners and urban leaders have long battled pigeons that foul cities. But not everyone hates the bird, which at times through history has been hailed as a war hero and vital messenger. Pigeons even counts English royalty and rock stars among its fans. Here’s 21 amazing facts you didn’t know about pigeons, collected by another pigeon deterrence company.



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