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December 19, 2014

NoDak drillers produce record 20.8M barrels

North Dakota’s oil patch pumped roughly 674,000 barrels per day in July to hit a record total of 20.8 million barrels for the month, the Associated Press reports. That’s 7.5 million barrels higher than the same month a year ago.

Reuters notes North Dakota had the lowest jobless figure in the nation at 2.9 percent in July.

Minnesota’s western neighbor is the second largest oil-producing state in the country. North Dakota passed Alaska in March and only trails Texas.

Meanwhile, Inver Grove Heights-based CHS Inc. is looking to utilize North Dakota’s surplus of natural gas. It plans to open a $1.2 billion fertilizer plant east of Jamestown, N.D., in late 2016. Forum Communications reports the facility will be capable of producing 2,200 tons of ammonia daily.