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Kluwe’s fan base grows following scathing letter defending gay marriage

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is developing a bigger fan base — and it’s not made up of just football fans. Several people turned up at a Minneapolis public awareness fundraiser in support of same-sex marriage to meet the player, WCCO-TV reports.

The outspoken Kluwe grabbed national attention last week after he wrote a scathing open letter to a Maryland lawmaker who criticized a Baltimore Ravens player for supporting same-sex marriage — which even has talk show host Ellen DeGeneres talking about it.

Kluwe has long been a proponent of same-sex marriage, and he frequently opines on that and other pressing issues on his Twitter account.

On Saturday, the Star Tribune profiled Kluwe, calling him a “symbol of changing attitudes toward homosexuality in the sports world.”

See the WCCO report on Kluwe’s appearance at the public awareness fundraiser.




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