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Gay marriage debate pits young vs. old

The debate over gay marriage in Minnesota has divided voters, perhaps almost evenly, according to one recent poll.

But perhaps no two factions are more deeply divided on the issue than young and old voters, the Star Tribune argues.

A recent Pew poll shows the generational divide on the subject of gay marriage.

The Washington bureau chief of the New York Times recently argued that more broadly, the nation is divided into groups – liberals and conservatives, rich and poor, religious and secular – but perhaps none is so divided as the young and old.

Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson recently wrote that principled or calculating or a bit of both, President Obama’s recent stand in favor of gay marriage is “a bet on the political future — a wager on the views and values of the millennial generation making its long march through American institutions.”

Conservative Sean Hannity, noting the divide between older and younger generations, recently started a forum discussion on the issue.



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