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Report: Minnesota could be 55 percent obese by 2030

The number of obese adults, along with related disease rates and health care costs, is on pace to spike dramatically in Minnesota over the next 20 years, according to an eye-opening new report from the Trust for America’s Health.

The current rate of 25.7 percent of obese state residents could hit 54.7 percent by 2030, the report says. Here’s a page with data highlights for the state.

CNN has an easy-to-navigate U.S. map with state-by-state data from the report, plus a story about how the cost of obesity-related health care could explode.

Nationally, by 2030, 13 states could have adult obesity rates above 60 percent, 39 states could have rates above 50 percent, and all 50 states could have rates above 44 percent, the report says.

Minnesota would rank 30th among the states (29 states would have higher obesity rates), the report says. Mississippi could have the highest obesity rate at 66.7 percent, and Colorado could have the lowest at 44.8 percent.



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