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Paul Allen opens up to Star Tribune gossip columnist in wide-ranging interview

KFAN personality, Vikings announcer and jewelry pitchman Paul Allen opened up to Star Tribune gossip columnist C.J. at Vikings headquarters last week.

The interview touched on a variety of items and including P.A.’s high emotional state during Vikings games, his thoughts on the passing of his colleague Dark Star and his prediction for this year’s Vikings team. C.J. probed on rumors of a difficult family life, though Allen did not reveal much.

Most memorable P.A. quote from the article:

“I guess I’m secure with my masculine femininity. I am quite emotional personally and professionally. I’m not afraid to concede that, and I’m not afraid to look at positives and celebrate them and get down if things are negative if they intimately involved my personal or professional life. That’s pretty much how God wired me.”

C.J. did record the interview and publish the video on the paper’s Web site.  (Look for a cameo from Star Tribune columnist Sid Hartman). 

The gossip columnist is not the first to take a closer look at the iconic Minnesota sports personality. Back in 2010, Kare11 assembled some of his finest clips and put him in the interview chair.

There are dozens of examples of P.A.’s ‘masculine femininity’ on display over the years during Vikings broadcasts, but, few as emotional (and ultimately painful) as P.A.’s call of Brett Favre finally making his mark in Minnesota in a victory over the 49ers in 2009.



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