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Tom Barnard urges Marriage Amendment debate between Matt Birk, Chris Kluwe

KQRS morning show host Tom Barnard is urging former Vikings center Matt Birk to debate current Vikings punter Chris Kluwe over the upcoming vote on Minnesota’s controversial Marriage Amendment.

On his Facebook page, Barnard asked, “Anyone close to Matt Birk please ask him to debate @chriswarcraft (Kluwe’s Twitter handle) on Oct.19th.”

Barnard noted that he still loves Birk and wishes he were still with the Vikings, and that he will show him respect.

Kluwe has been perhaps the most outspoken player in the NFL over gay rights and has been a big advocated on a “No” vote on the upcoming Marriage Amendment vote, which asks to legally define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Birk, on the other hand, wrote an opinion piece published in the Star Tribune last week in favor of the Marriage Amendment. He also released a video stating his viewpoint.

Kluwe has been vocal about his stand against the proposed amendment for months.

His popularity surged when he wrote a scathing open letter posted on against a Maryland lawmaker who criticized a Baltimore Ravens player for supporting same-sex marriage.

Kluwe was a recent guest (note: language) on Barnard’s new podcast, which he does in addition to his weekday morning show on KQRS-FM.

Kluwe last week was also featured on an OUT magazine cover last week for a story on his gay rights advocacy.

Birk has played for the Baltimore Ravens since 2009. He was with the Vikings from 1998 to 2008.




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