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Ellison challenger makes race an issue

Republican candidate Chris Fields wants to make this fall’s election a referendum on race, the Star Tribune reports. Both he and 5th District Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., are black. Fields says Ellison has failed his black constituents, which Ellison strongly denies. “I’m fighting for the whole district,” the third-term incumbent says.

The two clashed on a number of issues at the state fair earlier this summer in a debate, MPR reported.

Fields has suggested before that Ellison is not representing his district well, and Ellison bristles at the charge. “He’s got a lot of nerve,” Ellison said in a CityPages interview a few weeks ago. “I live in north Minneapolis. All four of my children grew up there, went to parks and schools there. Does Chris even know how to find it?”

Fields produced what CityPages called a “bizarre” video ad that lasts all of about five seconds and tells voters to “vote for this black guy, not that one (Ellison).”



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