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Graves acknowledges he served on United Way committee, not board

The Republican Party fired several shots at congressional candidate Jim Graves on Friday, challenging several points on his resume. Now Graves says that, as charged by the GOP, he did not serve on the board of United Way of Central Minnesota, as he has claimed in his online biography, the Star Tribune reports. The agency says it was a “board-level committee.” The Graves campaign says it was an honest mistake.

The party and the campaign of opponent Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., didn’t buy that. “Jim Graves got caught red-handed,” her campaign manager Chase Kroll said.

The incumbent Bachmann has always been the front-runner in the race, but several national congressional campaign watchers have suggested the race is tightening a bit.

Bachmann was in the news on Monday charging President Barack Obama’s administration with covering up the cause of a recent attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya, the St. Cloud Times reports. “The administration is having to backtrack, and it appears like it’s a cover-up, what has been going on in Libya and in Cairo and across the world,” Bachmann said, at an event to open a campaign office in east St. Cloud.



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