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Obama unhurt in Minnesota after debate

A new poll suggests that President Barack Obama still has a strong lead in Minnesota, even after his support seemed to sag nationwide after a lackluster debate last Wednesday.

The Public Policy Polling poll of Minnesota voters showed the president’s support increased from September, when he had 51 percent to Romney’s 44 percent, the Star Tribune reports. Obama is up to 53 percent to Romney’s 43 percent in the polling done Saturday and Sunday, several days after the debate.

The poll skewed left: The sample included 38 percent self-identified Democrats; 29 percent Republicans and 32 percent independents or other, the Star Tribune notes.

A Star Tribune poll from two weeks ago showed Obama with an 8-point lead in Minnesota.

Romney got a big post-debate boost nationwide: A new Pew poll released this week showed Romney with a lead among likely U.S. voters.

But Nate Silver, who maintains the FiveThirtyEight blog for the New York Times, argues that Obama is still more likely to win given his apparent advantages in key states.



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