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Chris Kluwe plans to debate gay marriage with no opponent

The Minnesota Vikings punter who has made a name for himself kicking up controversy in the debate over gay marriage sent invitations to a number of politicians seeking a debate on the issue. But no one agreed to do it. So Kluwe plans to debate with improv actor stand-ins at the event Friday afternoon, Fox 9 reports.

Kluwe has become one of the most high-profile opponents of the Minnesota ballot measure that would effectively ban gay marriage by creating a state constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between a man and woman:

In other news, amendment opponents are raising eyebrows at a new TV that claims opponents of gay marriage have been fined – even fired – in states where same-sex marriage has been legalized, Fox 9 reported.

On the money front, a report by a leading gay rights organization says the Catholic Church has given more than half of the funding to efforts to pass the marriage amendment, the Star Tribune reports.

And even as states like Minnesota attempt to establish their own policy on gay marriage (the issue is also on the ballot in Maine, Maryland and Washington for November’s election), it seems likely the U.S. Supreme Court could weigh in this term, MinnPost reports.



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