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The show went on: Locked-out orchestra plays to sold-out crowd

The musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra dressed up in their formal concert garb and played to a delighted audience Thursday night, which was to be the opening of their 110th season, the Star Tribune reports.

The musicians were greeted with long, loud applause from the audience, the Pioneer Press reports. WCCO has a clip from the performance (below).

But there was a cloud hanging over the gala – the musicians were not paid, and they have been locked out by management since Oct. 1 amid a contract dispute. And while they organized this performance themselves through donations, future performances are in question.

Meanwhile, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra has until Sunday night to accept a management offer or be locked out.

Orchestras nationwide have been struggling financially. In a column, Falcon Heights lawyer Eric Nilsson argues that both sides are going to have to face new realities if they want to dig themselves out of the mess.



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