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Marriage amendment campaign backs away from pastor’s Hitler comments

A pastor who is helping to lead an effort to pass the marriage amendment has been told to stick to his talking points after he compared anti-amendment activists to Nazi leader Adolph Hitler, Fox 9 reports.

If approved, the ballot measure would amend the constitution to define marriage as between a man and woman. Pastor Brad Brandon is director of church outreach for Minnesota for Marriage, which is leading the “vote yes” campaign.

At several public speaking engagements, he has compared the tactics of anti-amendment activists to Hitler, who put an end to free speech, Fox 9 reports. At one forum in Brainerd last week, Brandon was captured on video giving a Powerpoint presentation in which he flashed Hitler’s image on the screen. The video was distributed by Minnesotans United for All Families, the group leading a fight against the amendment.

Brandon made similar comments in Woodbury, the Star Tribune reports, and in Bemidji, Fox 9 says.

Now the deputy campaign manager for Minnesota for Marriage has apologized for the remarks, a group spokeswoman said, and Brandon has been told to take the Hitler references out of his presentations, the Pioneer Press reports.

Here’s Fox 9’s report, which has clips from the Brainerd forum:

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