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25 years ago: Absolute joy in Twinsville

Yep, the headline says “Twinsville.” Sure, you could say “Twins Territory.” But Oct. 25, 1987, was a simpler time. Less marketing. Less noise. That is, unless it was a homer-hanky twirling madhouse called the Metrodome.

It was a time when there were just four teams in the baseball playoffs instead of 10. A time when your center fielder and first baseman were — not to be insulting — svelte!

So what’s being said about Minnesota’s Game 7, 1987 World Series win over the Cardinals? For starters, here’s a post from Knuckleballs blogger Jim Crikkett. No whining about today, just appreciation for yesterday.

MinnPost also checked in with their 25-years-later story. Author Peter Schilling Jr. nails it by writing that the win turned the Twin Cities into  “one big, crazy, happy family.”

If you look at the boxscore, at total of 55,376 were in the Metrodome that night. That’s 55,376 very happy fans (and a few sad St. Louis boosters). In short, thanks for taking me to the game, Dad…



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