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White House releases Obama gun-shooting photo prior to Minn. visit

When President Barack Obama was asked in an interview with the New Republic late last month whether he had ever fired a gun, he mentioned that he often practiced skeet shooting at Camp David.

That created a minor inside-the-Beltway uproar, as critics questioned whether Obama was exaggerating his experience with firearms, the Washington Post noted.

So in part to quiet the mini-controversy in advance of his Minneapolis appearance Monday, the White House released an image of the president firing at a clay pigeon. The Post examined what the controversy tells us, noting that it can be a tricky business for White House communications officers to control the message in a social media age, when molehills often become mountains.

Critics have suggested the photo could be fake, U.S. News and World Report notes.

Scott Melchisedech, former president of the Minnesota Skeet Shooting Association, told KARE 11 that Obama needs to work a bit on his shooting form. “I believe that he shot skeet and if he does it and enjoys it, that’s wonderful,” he told KARE.

Obama is scheduled to land at noon Monday to spend several hours in Minneapolis, the president’s first trip outside the capital to tout his gun control proposals.



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