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Jay Cooke’s swinging bridge destroyed by flood returns this fall

Jay Cooke State Park’s historic swinging bridge that was hammered by waves from the St. Louis River last summer should be replaced by fall.

(Thanks to Sparky Stensaas on Vimeo for this great footage.)

The Associated Press reports the pedestrian bridge built in the 1920s was destroyed by major flooding in the Duluth area last June.

The new bridge, funded by federal disaster aid, will be built in May and completed between late August and late September.

Jay Cooke reopened last October after high water wiped out roads, trails and bridges (The park has striking images of flooding damage.).

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says access to the trail system on the south side of the park is limited due to the bridge’s closure, however most other trails are open.

MinnPost reports the record flooding cost well over $100 million in damage in Duluth alone.



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