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Peter King: Vikings’ Spielman had dinner with Manti Te’o

Are the Vikings targeting Manti Te’o?

Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports that Vikings general manager Rick Spielman had dinner with Te’o the night before Te’o’s Notre Dame pro day last month. Here’s what King wrote in his Monday Morning Quarterback.

“The Vikings have four Notre Dame players on their roster. As Archie Bunker might say, Ipso fatso there Edith, that imaginary guy’s going to the Vikings. Then again, he might not. But the Vikes do have two picks, 23 and 25, right in the Te’o neighborhood, and Minnesota has Tyrone McKenzie at middle linebacker …”

SB Nation’s Christopher Gates writes that at this point he would be “surprised” if the Vikings don’t end up with Te’o.

Take a look at what Te’o did his senior season with the Irish.



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