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Blue-collar renegades Styx outrun REO, put Nugent in a stranglehold

In a concert that might have set the rock record for fewest original members per band, Ted Nugent, Styx and REO Speedwagon rocked the Target Center like it was 1979 Friday night.

The Has-Been-a-Palooza drew some 8,000 souls, the Pioneer Press reports. And the show lasted four (!) hours. And no boring new songs!

Styx, those grand illusionists from Chicago who come to the Twin Cities often enough that you’re bound to see them by accident, apparently triumphed. The band capably cloned departed member Dennis DeYoung, Ross Rahalia writes, and has so many hits that it skipped “Mr. Roboto.” Say it ain’t so! No Roboto?

But the Nuge, who got to exercise his mouth to the Star Tribune earlier in the week, earned style points from Rahalia for rampant profanity.

The only truly sour note belonged to REO, Rahalia writes, with “an intro video that showed the Rolling Stones (representing the ’60s), David Bowie (the ’70s), Bow Wow Wow (the ’80s, for real), U2 (the ’90s) and finally REO Speedwagon (representing ‘NOW’). And then they played ‘Don’t Let Him Go,’ from 1981.”

Perhaps it’s time for them to fly.



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