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August 23, 2014

BringMeTheNews offers apology, explanation to our readers

Last night, a BringMeTheNews staffer mistakenly sent an offending tweet on the BringMeTheNews Twitter account that she had intended to send on her own personal Twitter account. The tweet, which was deleted as soon as it was discovered, was highly insensitive in making light of a woman’s tragic death in Eden Prairie.

The staffer made the difficult decision to submit a resignation. After a lot of consideration, we decided to accept it. The 25 employees at BMTN, including the staff member at issue, are saddened by what has transpired, but we know this is not what BMTN represents.

We deeply apologize to our readers and the woman’s family. We understand the responsibility we have to always act with the highest standards of decency and care. We will use this incident to reaffirm that to ourselves and the community we serve, and act in a manner that is consistent with our obligation to them.

Rick Kupchella, CEO and founder of BringMeTheNews, wrote this while on assignment in Peru. Please forward any concerns or questions to BMTN Chief Editor Amy Hockert: