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Pregnant St. Paul woman gives birth after biking to hospital

Avid cyclist Amber Dallman has been biking around St. Paul throughout her entire pregnancy, all the way to the end.

Dallman told FOX 9 that she was two weeks overdue when she decided to hop on a Nice Ride bike and pedal to the hospital.

“I wasn’t really showing signs of going into labor, so riding the Nice Ride to the hospital was kind of our last-ditch effort to see if something would happen.”

Her attempt was successful. After Dallman arrived, she gave birth to a baby girl, Elise.

Another perk of taking two wheels to the hospital: “We didn’t have to pay for parking,” Dallman said.

Although Dallman got the OK from her doctor to continue biking during her pregnancy, medical experts at the BabyCenter list bike riding as an activity to avoid.

Some warn cycling during second and third trimesters could be dangerous because expecting mothers can lose their sense of balance, making falls more likely.



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