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Check out Surly’s new coaster, a fan designed it

Check out Surly’s new coaster.

The Minnesota brewery has a “kind-of-annual” coaster contest where artists, designers and doodlers are asked to whip up a design “embodies the spirit of Surly,” the brewery’s Creative Director Michael Berglund tells BringMeTheNews.

Berglund says they’ve been doing this for a few years now, and each time they receive dozens of designs.

Once the people at Surly narrowed down their favorite submissions, the company asked fans at Art-A-Whirl to pick the best design – and the brewing company agreed with the most popular pick.

It was designed by Jeremy Bratton, a professional artist from Pennsylvania.

Bratton tells BringMeTheNews that he’s a fan of Surly’s beer. He says he also really likes that the company supports artists and is involved with the community.

So when Bratton heard about the coaster contest, he decided to give it a shot.

Now his work will be featured on more than 100,000 coasters that will be used in restaurants and bars in seven states.

Surly’s creative director says they reward winners – “either financially or with in-kind donations.”

Usually winners get some free beer out of the deal, but Bratton says they’re running into some problems since he’s in Pennsylvania. So they might have to work something else out.

You can check out more of Bratton’s work here.



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