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New Valleyfair ride will swing riders 230 feet in the air

Valleyfair introduced plans to add another sky-scraping beacon to its collection of rides.

The North Star will hurl riders – seated in two-person swings – in circles up to 40 mph and 230 feet in the air, the Shakopee theme park says.

True to its Minnesotan roots, the new ride’s name is “to celebrate the region’s affinity to being ‘up north’ and the great outdoors,” Valleyfair says. The tower, which is only 45-feet shorter than the Power Tower, will be visible for miles around the park.

The excitement surrounding the addition of the new ride, however, is bittersweet. Valleyfair said earlier this month it would be closing one of its oldest rides – The Enterprise – on Aug. 21 to make room for the new ride.

Manufactured by Austrian-based Funtime, construction on the ride will begin in late August and be complete by early to mid-December, the theme park says.

The ride will open to guests in the spring of 2017 and is the only ride of this type in the upper Midwest.



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