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We tested out the State Fair’s new Selfie Spots for you

If you’re looking for a great place to snap a picture while eating a Pronto Pup and some cheese curds, the State Fair has you covered.

New this year, the fair has five official “Selfie Spots.”

Brienna Schuette – a communications manager for the fair – told BringMeTheNews the idea started with a birthday.

This year marks the 50th birthday of Fairchild, the State Fair’s gopher mascot. And organizers say they wanted to designate a spot where people could get a good picture with the birthday boy – or at least his statue.

“The idea sort of morphed from there in deciding we should add some other photo op options throughout the fairgrounds,” Schuette explained.

They’re all marked on the ground with a Minnesota State Fair Official Selfie Spot stamp.

selfie spot

(Photo: Josette Elieff)

The point of these designated spots is to give people a good area to take a selfie with the fair’s iconic landmarks. Other spots are located in front of the State Fair water tower, Grandstand, Midway, and State Fair entry sign. Here’s a map of them.

Naturally, BringMeTheNews thought it would be a good idea to test out the spots for you.

With the Fairchild statue

State fair selfie 1

(Photo: Josette Elieff)


In front of the water tower

State fair selfie 2

(Photo: Josette Elieff)


At the Grandstand

Selfie 3

(Photo: Josette Elieff)


By the Midway

state fair selfie 4

(Photo: Josette Elieff)


In front of the entrance sign

State fair selfie 5

(Photo: Josette Elieff)

What we learned

The Selfie Spots could actually make finding that perfect Instagram-worthy location a lot easier.

They’re located where you can get a pretty clear shot of yourself with the State Fair landmark of your choosing.

BringMeTheNews watched several people at the fair who didn’t seem to understand this and snapped their pictures facing the wrong direction. Oh well, it’s the first year for the Selfie Spots.

We also learned that most people at the fair will happily take a selfie with a stranger.



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