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New meme alert: Randy Moss flashes face of fury at Trent Dilfer, here’s why

Randy Moss is not a guy you want to cross, just ask Trent Dilfer.

The Vikings legend appeared on ESPN Sunday morning alongside the former quarterback as the discussion turned to the controversial anthem stance taken by 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick.

The quarterback first sat down and then took a knee to the Star Spangled Banner in protest at police brutality of black Americans.

Moss backed Kaepernick, and explained in the videos below why he believes NFL owners should note the point he’s making, considering it is a view that will be shared by a significant portion of their fanbase.

Trent Dilfer, on the other hand, had less sympathy, and it was when Dilfer was effectively calling Kaepernick selfish that Moss looked daggers at him.

Dilfer says he respects Kaepernick’s passion but says he “put himself and his stance above the team.”

Despite his support, Moss said he didn’t think it would be wise for Kaepernick to protest this weekend, given the country is commemorating 9/11.

Needless to say, Twitter has been having tremendous fun with Moss’ face.



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