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About BringMeTheNews

About BringMeTheNews

We find news. We bring it to you.

At, we look for the best stories that affect our readers: Minnesotans. We filter through hundreds of traditional and non-traditional news sources and all social platforms.

We take the news to the airwaves. And online.

BringMeTheNews extends out from the Web site as a leading provider of important Minnesota news and information in a growing network of media outlets including radio stations, magazines and web sites.

We also make it easy for you to discuss the latest news with your networks of friends, using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

You won’t miss those blinking boxes.

Check out BringMeTheNews’ sponsorship page to see how our advertising model is unique and how we’re working with our sponsors to help them advance their public campaigns. You can have confidence that you will always know where a story at BringMeTheNews comes from — whether the content is reported or sponsored — and if it’s sponsored, by whom.

We hope you find this site informative and easy to use. And we hope you’ll come here often or make us part of your own social network.

Above all — don’t be shy. Let us know what you think.