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Our Take On Advertising

BringMeTheNews is dedicated to journalistic ethics and transparency.  We know our credibility depends on people having faith that our news decisions are not influenced by those paying the bills. It’s that credibility that maintains our value both to users and sponsors.

The links from our sponsors point to helpful information on topics like health, education, technology and energy. We recognize their value and those links appear side by side with news stories. There are more than a few businesses in Minnesota with an understanding of the issues that make up the news in our communities. They are working to advance some very specific campaigns of their own.

Their integration among the compelling news stories from around Minnesota is key to our overall presentation that avoids pop-up ads and distracting banners to make our site accessible and user-friendly. So we are committed to clearly identifying which is advertising and which is news. And what’s on the site is reflective of what goes on behind the scenes: our people who work on news remain separate and independent of the people who work with sponsors.

We are committed to maintaining the public’s trust that our news choices remain free from any agenda our sponsors might pursue elsewhere.