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Lakeville senator Matt Little says he's received death threat ahead of election

Little has spoke out against the extreme language in attack ads during the election campaign.

A Minnesota lawmaker who has been a vocal critic of the extreme language employed in election attack ads says he has been the subject of a death threat.

In a tweet on Sunday, Sen. Matt Little (D-Lakeville) said the threat targeted both himself and his family, and was received on Saturday. He doesn't go into detail as to the nature of the threat, but did say it came from a local resident.

"Yesterday, I received a graphic death threat against me & my family. From a person that lives minutes away," he tweeted. "This has to stop. Vicious & extreme language has a real effect on people who are unable to discern truth, who are not stable.This isn't a game, think about what you say."

The first-term senator, who is among the more bipartisan voices in the Legislature, has been a vocal critic of the way election campaigns are being run in 2020, calling out attack ads for being misleading and using extreme language that fans the flames of hatred.

He's also criticized the Minnesota DFL for attack ads sent out targeting his Republican opponent this November, veteran and volunteer firefighter Zach Duckworth, which Little said misrepresented Duckworth's policy positions.

Little also tweeted earlier in September that while out campaigning, a man followed him for three blocks and was filming one of Little's high school canvassers.

Duckworth responded to Little's death threat post on Twitter, saying: "Very disheartened to hear this Matt - praying for the safety and strength of you and your family. Sending extra well wishes to your wife and little one - hoping this is addressed quickly and in a way that brings you all a sense of security."

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Little has become a well-known figure in Lakeville and has attracted headlines in previous years for his annual tradition of visiting as many as high school graduation parties in his district as time allows.

He's also become a social media celebrity, connecting with younger voters by building a following on TikTok that's closing in on 150,000, attracting attention from national media outlets in the process.

While denouncing the extreme language in attack ads, Little has also sought to defuse them with mockery, as these videos highlight.

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