Community rallies to save organic dairy farm's cattle from blaze

The blaze is a huge loss for Crystal Ball Farms.
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There was no shortage of community spirit across the border this week, when locals rallied to save an organic dairy farm's cows from a barn fire.

The blaze erupted at Crystal Ball Farms on the edge of Osceola on Thursday, destroying the barn that was the center point of its operations.

Fortunately, responders were able to get most of the animals out of the barn before they could come to any serious harm – although two did ultimately die.

The loss of the barn is huge for the farm, not least because FOX 9 reports the fire also destroyed its main source of electricity – the solar panels installed on the barn's roof.


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Nonetheless, if it wasn't for the response from local emergency services and community members who helped round up the cattle, it could have been a lot worse.

"Thank you to ALL the firemen, EMTs, and police and others from Osceola and neighboring towns that came to our aid today," Crystal Ball Farms said on Facebook.

"Thank you to everyone who stopped and helped contain and load cattle. It was a huge job and we couldn't have done it without you.

"The biggest thank you of all to the gentleman who stopped and told me the barn was on fire. Because of you we got the girls out and to safety."

The mystery gentleman in question is asked to contact the farm so he can be thanked personally.

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