10 #MinnesotaConfessions every Minnesotan believes – even if they don't want to admit it

... even if we don't want to admit it.

After a call from Indignant Minnesotan on Twitter, people from this great state are tweeting their #MinnesotaConfessions.

And there are a bunch every Minnesotan agrees with – even if they don't want to admit it. 

Here are 10 #MinnesotaConfessions we all believe: 

Being nice can be really hard 

It just smells so bad

Fish soaked in lye doesn't need to be a thing anymore. And it really doesn't taste very good. (Check out this video of us making our coworkers try it. Spoiler: Not many people liked it.) 

It's not budging in line

It's actually the right way to do it to not drive like an idiot. (We explain why the zipper merge works in this video and this story.) 

No Minnesota goodbye? How dare you

Sometimes you just have to go and can't linger for 15 minutes, and that's totally OK. (This hilarious video shows how absurd the Minnesota goodbye can really be.)

Yes, she went there

It kind of is. Plus, the Walker Art Center has so many other cool sculptures that don't get enough credit. (How well do you know the Sculpture Garden? Take our quiz.)

Someone has to

Tears – Every. Time. 

Truer words have never been tweeted

For the record, Camp Snoopy stopped being Camp Snoopy way back in 2006. (And if you don't know, it's now called Nickelodeon Universe.)

We pretend like we don't, but you betcha we do

We'll always defend the gray ducks

It doesn't matter what ESPN or Kyle Rudolph said. #GrayDucksForever.

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